Letter to Kanye

Posted: October 31, 2019 in Current Affairs, Meditations

download.jpegMy heart thrilled when I heard you sold out, lock stock and barrel, to follow Christ. I’m an old man, nearly 65 years old, and it feels like yesterday that I made that same leap of faith. I was 17 when I cried out to God, “If you’re real, please be real in my life.” Kanye, 48 years later, I can say, “If I had it to do all over again, I’d serve Jesus every day of my life.” I have no regrets, my relationship with Christ has never been stronger, never more intimate. But life is messy and the spiritual warfare has a violence all its own.

Never forget, you belong to God. Christ is your king. Any number of people will want to use you for their purposes, their causes. And why wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want your brilliance with words, your perceptions on life? You see and speak what many of us can only sense in part. You give voice to the soul of man. That is a gift from God – guard it. Never take it for granted.

Each day is a partnership with your friend, the Holy Spirit. I adopted a spiritual discipline from the legendary Pastor Cho from South Korea. Every day when I wake up, I utter these words, “Good morning, Holy Spirit. You are my senior partner, I am the junior partner. What are we going to do today?” My life is full of daily heavenly assignments. Each moment is a gift, an opportunity to be God’s hand extended. The Holy Spirit will guide, teach, and warn you. As you get to know him, that partnership will flow – much like your music. Just remember, there is no shelf-life. It’s like the manna of Moses. It goes to worms the second day. You’ve got no choice, Kanye. Hang onto Jesus and let the fur fly.

Always respect spiritual mentors. They are the patrons of the Christ follower. We all need grounding, we need men to hold us to account. The more successful you are, the more you need that pastor and those elders in your life. Pride and the flesh are insidious bedfellows. So, Kanye, hold these individuals tight. You know who they are.

Finally, treasure your wife and your children. Be patient, be gentle with your correction. Remember, they belong to God, you are a trustee. Kim may be in a different place than you and I’m sure she has a different temperament. You are now a much different man by your own account. Encourage your wife. Affirm her. Be measured and prayerful with your constructive criticism. The best thing you can do is love her and honor her. The one thing we can’t redeem is time. Give your family the gift of time, be present, invest in their lives.

I will pray for God’s protection on you and your house. You have declared war on the devil. Trust me, the enemy has declared war on you. He will seek to destroy your family and your credibility. Job, at his low ebb, declared, “Tho you slay me, yet will I trust in you.” We serve a Great God, Infinite Goodness. Welcome to the family. I’m so proud to call you “Brother.”

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