Love Note To Mama

Posted: December 24, 2019 in Meditations


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My heart froze the first time I saw you in the Fall of 1979. The bloom of youth, a smile and personality that lit up a room – in that moment I couldn’t dare dream that girl might one day be my wife. Now, forty years later, I awe at the goodness of God and the miracle of love, the husband who knows full well he married above his station. Loyalty, faithfulness, perseverance, selflessness: you instruct my life, you push me to be a better man. You’ve shown me the face of God and I am indeed a rich man.

Ours is a love burnished by the Holy Spirit. We entered our partnership flawed and incomplete. I had a good heart with a woeful inability to express itself in fundamental ways, yet you loved me. Coming out of a broken home, you wrestled with fear and trust. But you never ran, you pressed on. You seized the possible and embraced God for the impossible. We’ve had forty years to discover the power of prayer and the healing balm of common decency and selfless love. The journey continues, the miracle of the divine unfolds, a love born, fed, and cultivated by a knowing God.

Four children, four brilliant torches of light – I cannot imagine a better gift in the entire world. What you invested in those unique children of God escapes the bounds of words. Each one of those rascals knows who the rock is; it’s Mama. I love you for every drop of blood, sweat and tears you poured into those lives. You understood better than me that we are God’s trustees. You saw fledgling warriors for God. I saw imps, messes, and impending disasters! And now? Four adults speak into my life – what a glorious legacy.

Mama, we enter this last season of life sobered by the vagaries of a fallen world. No human institution will ever adequately address the sin problem. But together we affirm the truth of the Gospel of Christ. We live the ongoing miracle of transformation. The knowing touch of your hand, the smell of your hair – these are no mere traces of human affection. No, these are the mirrors of God’s majesty, his love, his faithfulness, his intimacy. Our love born of flesh is now born of the Spirit, ordained to glorify the Great God, Infinite Goodness. Both of us in death will proclaim, “Christ is all that matters.” I love you, honey, with a whole heart. Thank you.


  1. Sharon Hervold says:

    Every woman longs for such an affirmation of human love from their life’s partner. Lynn is blessed beyond measure and I share her joy in being the recipient and applaud your vulnerability in bestowing it.

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